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Local Honey

Honey - Free local delivery to Cheltenham postcodes GL50, GL51, GL52 and GL53 - on orders over £15.10

"Absolutely delicious honey - particularly good this morning over raspberries, strawberries & blueberries with Greek yoghurt - drizzled with honey from a height for full impact! There will be orders coming from Winchcombe - 10/10."

Local honey from hives in Cheltenham and The Cotswolds

Harry has beehives around Cheltenham, Winchcombe and Cirencester. Our honey is a truly local product with all the character of the Cotswolds. Honey is made from nectar which honeybees collect from flowers and trees during spring and summer. The bees get covered in the pollen of the flowers they visit. It can tell us which local flowers they like best. Harry's honey contains pollen from flowers including forget-me-not, blackberry and wild roses. It's surprising that trees feature too - wild cherry, hawthorn and apple. Just as each season is different so each season's honey tastes different.


When you buy honey, it's best to buy local honey.


Unlike the supermarket stuff, you'll know exactly where it came from. You know who we are and where we are. If you have any questions - you can ask us. You get honey with minimal food miles - not quite zero but pretty close. We love our bees and we take care of their honey. We handle it gently. We lightly strain it - just to take out any bits of wax and keeping in as much as possible of the wonderful pollen. We know what's in it and so do you.


You can get our honey directly from our online shop or our local stockistsWhether it's beautiful white spring soft-set or golden summer honey, we think it's amazing.

Bee friendly planting - Purple salvias and white allium flowers for pollinators
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