What's in our honey?

Honey comes from nectar which honeybees collect from flowers and trees during the spring and summer. It's their power source and stores of it see them through the long months of autumn and winter.


Honeybees get covered in the pollen of the flowers they visit.  This is what makes them such important pollinators and it can tell us which local flowers they like best. Harry's honey contains pollen from over 20 different flowers and trees including geraniums, brambles, beans and roses.  It's surprising that trees are popular - lime, hawthorn and apple are in the mix too.

Most people don't fancy random bits of bees or wax in their honey so we lightly strain it to take out any lumps. It is cold filtered. We take care to remove as little as possible of the wonderful pollen. Harry's honey is only lightly filtered using a coarse strainer so we keep the good stuff in. It's part of what makes Harry's honey a truly local product. It also gives character to our Cotswold honey. Just as each season is different so each season's honey tastes different.

Honeybees on a frame.jpg