Bees, honeybee eggs and nectar on a frame


We Love Bees!

Harry's Honey is all about lovely Cotswold honey, the bees that make it and training newer beekeepers in this fascinating craft.

Honeybees are amazing - their social behaviour, the workings of a super-organism, the way the colony has one queen and thousands of workers; all with their jobs to do.

Just watching the bees's beautiful golden honey flow into jars is a wonderful experience. We enjoy selling our honey - to shops, retail customers and at fairs.Its great to talk about local honey and how amazing it is compared to the supermarket stuff. Our online shop means you can buy Harry's honey direct too.

Lorraine of Harry's Honey talking about honeybees, using the observation hive
Harry of Harry's Honey standing by hives with a smoker

Another passion is selecting honeybee queens and creating starter colonies (called a nucleus of bees). These go to local beekeepers - both "old hands" and those looking for their first bees. Its fun to meet other beekeepers and Harry is happy to install a colony in its new home. Once you've bought a nucleus of bees from us, he's on the other end of the phone if you have any questions later.

Although we look after about 80 hives across 10 apiaries, beekeeping wasn't always our day job. Harry was a Cheltenham dentist and Lorraine, perhaps surprisingly for someone with a degree in Biology, worked as a trainer and business manager. Now Harry is active in the local beekeepers' association and a tutor at their hands-on training sessions throughout the summer. Lorraine has a special interest in ecology, bee biology and planting for pollinators.


We both still remember what it was like starting out with bees - all the questions, all the jargon, so much advice online. The face to face training we offer brings everything together in a friendly, straight forward way - to help you get the most out of your beekeeping.



Beekeeping is a centuries old craft, with science adding its knowledge to years and years of experience. It's an opportunity to see inside the bee's fascinating world, to share in their glorious honey and to connect with nature. We love it all. We think you will too.

Harry and Lorraine

A hhoneybee feeding on a blue phacelia flower