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Bees For Sale

You can buy bees from us. Pre-order 2024 overwintered nucs now with a £65 deposit.

To receive updates on the availability of our overwintered nucs of honeybees for sale, sign up here.

An overwintered nuc is an established colony. It has survived the previous winter with a proven queen from the year before (2023). The bees are raised locally – around Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and the wider Cotswolds. So, you will be buying British honeybees with a British queen.


The nucs are headed by an open mated queen selected for her good qualities. She and her daughters will be calm and easy to handle - suitable for beginners and experienced beekeepers alike.

Bees for sale are available in poly nucs and in Correx. I have both standard British National and 14x12s  available as poly nucs. Each poly nuc holds 6 frames. The frames will have honeybee brood in all stages plus food/stores to get your colony off to a good start.

Standard British National nucs of bees are also available in a Correx (a lightweight plastic) box with 6 frame nucs. This is a great value choice, especially if you already have a poly nuc and don't want to buy another. Correx nucs are a really cost-effective way to buy honeybees. Perfect for beginners and good value for old hands.

You can contact me here if you have any questions about the bees, the nucs themselves or delivery. I don't post bees. If you would like to buy bees from me, I'll happily deliver within 25 miles of Cleeve Hill, Cheltenham. You are very welcome to collect (by arrangement) and say hi! 

I’m also happy to work alongside you if you’re a local beekeeper and you’d like my help in installing your nuc of bees - just let me know.


If you need any advice caring for your new bees afterwards, again, just let me know. Once you have your bees you can contact me anytime.  

Have fun!

Harry Hazlem - Beekeeper

Bees for sale - A happy new beekeeper with her nuc of bees
Bees for sale - two new beekeepers with their nuc of bees
Bees for sale - A new beekeeper standing by his WBC hive
Bees for sale - A new beekeeper setting up his nuc of bees
Bees for sale - A new beekeeper standing by his hives with nucs of bees from Harry
Bee friendly trees - White wild cherry blossom in bloom
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