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Our 2024 6 frame overwintered nucs of bees for sale will be established colonies that have survived the previous winter. They will be headed by a proven queen from the year before. The bees are raised local to Cheltenham. They are calm and gentle - a pleasure to handle. They produce great honey too.


The honeybees you buy will be in a poly nuc that contains 6 self-spacing 14 x 12 Hoffman frames. These will have honeybee brood in all stages - this means there will be eggs, larvae and sealed brood. There will also be frames of food/stores. The nuc will have lots of bees. The queen will be marked.  Last year's queens are clipped. If you prefer her not to be, let us know.


Overwintered nucs of bees - ready mid-April/mid-May 2023 - depending on the weather..


All our bees are treated for varroa. We can tell you the treatment we have used. 


Contact Harry here if you have any questions about his bees, his queens or the nuc itself.


If you are a new beekeeper and Harry is delivering your bees to you, he'll be happy to help you install your bees FOC. Once you have your bees you can contact Harry at any time and he'll be really happy to help. 


If you need any advice on installing your new honeybees in your hive or caring for them afterwards, just let us know.

2024 Overwintered 14x12 British National Poly Nuc of Bees - £340 (6 frames)

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  • A nuc can be reserved with a non-refundable £65 deposit which you can pay on this page.  The balance of £275 will be invoiced to you when your bees are ready.

    If you would like to add a feeder to your order (add £20) just let us know when you order your bees..

    Harry will contact you to arrange a convenient time to deliver/collect. Especially as the days get warmer its best for the bees to travel early in the morning or in the cool of the evening.

    Your nucleus of honeybees will be ready to transfer to a full size hive - please make sure you have your own hive ready for them. 

    All our bees are treated for varroa and each nuc is fully inspected by Harry before pick up/delivery. The bees will have been closed in earlier on the day that you collect them.

    Be assured that if you have any concerns about your nuc when you get home, we can help you with it. 

    Your poly nuc can be used to collect swarms or for splits later on.  

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