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The Bee Experience

Look inside the honeybee's amazing world with a Bee Experience

The Bee Experience - Bees at the front of the hive - Harry's Honey

Bees are fascinating and important. A bee experience is a great way to learn more about them. 

Join Cheltenham beekeepers Harry and Lorraine for a real insight into bees and beekeeping.

You'll get into a bee suit and Harry will give you a guided tour through the beehive. You'll learn about the bee's life and how they make honey. You'll find the queen (hopefully) and discover why bees swarm.

Perhaps you're thinking of keeping bees? With a bee experience you can dip your toe in the beekeeping water. Who knows where it may lead!

Our bees live on the Notgrove estate just outside Cheltenham. Set in the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, it guarantees an experience to remember.

Bee Experience - Bees at the front of the hive - Harry's Honey Cheltenham Gloucestershire

Would you like to:

Look inside a honeybee hive?

Learn who's who?

Hold a frame of bees?

Use a beekeeper's smoker?

Get suited up and you can!

Bee experience - Looking at a frame - Harry's Honey Cheltenham Gloucestershire
"I had the most incredible morning and have fallen head over heels in love with bees. Thank you so much for such a memorable and beautiful, enlivening time. I am in awe!"

The Bee Experience

Have fun, learn lots

The Bee Experience - Bees on a Frame - Harry's Honey

What to expect:

- A morning or afternoon at our Notgrove apiary
- Wear all the kit!
- Handle frames of bees (if you want)
- Talk bees with beekeeper Harry
- Interested in planting for pollinators - chat with Lorraine
- Accompanied children 12+ welcome

The Bee Experience - Harry holding a frame of bees - Harry's Honey, Cheltenham

What's included:


See bees close up

- See the bees at work

- Find the queen - you might see her laying eggs


Learn lots

- Learn how the colony works - you'll be amazed!

- Learn about pollen and nectar


Some great pictures

- Take your own

- Lorraine will take lots too


Get hands on

- Use the tools of the beekeeper's trade

- Learn how to gently handle bees


A jar of Harry's honey

- Take away some "sweet" memories


Bee factsheet

- Information to help you find out even more about honeybees and their relatives 

Join us for a Bee Experience

A great day in a beautiful place

Bee Experience Dates 2024

Notgrove Estate - GL54 3BS - near Cheltenham

We have a morning session (10:00 to 12:30) or an afternoon session (2:00 to 4:30) on each date

27 April

11 May

26 May

20 June

6 July

14 July

18 August

24 August

If you would like to arrange a corporate or group bee experience on a date to suit you, please get in touch.

A bee experience - Notgrove village, Cheltenham - Harry's Honey, Cheltenham

We are Harry and Lorraine

And we love bees

Every spring, as the beekeeping season starts, we are excited to see our bees. We love talking about them and their fascinating lives. By the end of your bee experience you'll have a real appreciation of these incredible creatures plus some great memories.

The Bee Experience - Harry and Lorraine smiling - Harry's Honey, Cheltenham Gloucestershire
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