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We love honeybees and we know that lots of others do too. Come to our apiary on the beautiful Notgrove estate, not far from Cheltenham - and discover the amazing world of the honeybee.


Get suited up and we’ll show you inside a bee hive. We’ll explain how the colony works and how bees make honey. We’ll help you find the queen and you can get hands on (if you want). Harry will show you how to use a smoker too.


Honeybees are fascinating and this session is a fun way to learn more about them. If you are interested in planting for bees, Lorraine can talk about that too.


You’ll make some good memories, get some great pictures, and come away with a jar of Harry’s Cotswold honey.


Please note:

This course involves live bees. We do our best to ensure you won't get stung but, this course is not for you if you know that you have a severe allergic reaction to stings.


Our Notgrove apiary is in a beautiful rural location. Be prepared to walk a short distance to reach it - over open fields and up slight hills.

Honey Bee Experiences

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  • We provide the bee suit, gloves and a smoker.

    If you'd like to know more about honeybees and the other bees in the UK, we have a free factsheet.

    A jar of Harry's Costwold honey is yours too as a memento of the day.  

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