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Train with a Beekeeping Mentor

All your questions answered on a mentoring Day with Harry

Would you like an experienced beekeeper all to yourself? How about a beekeeping mentor for the day?


You might be new to beekeeping, or you might have had bees for a while. If you want to learn at your pace on a date that you choose, then this day is for you. 

Join Harry at one of his working apiaries in the beautiful countryside around Cheltenham.


Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn 1:1 with a full-time, professional beekeeper. He’s your mentor - you can ask him anything and everything. 

Beekeeping Mentor - Harry looking for the queen - Harry's Honey - Cheltenham, Gloucestersh

What's included?

You'll get involved in hive inspections and a range of seasonal beekeeping activities. Depending on the time of year and your interests, you'll cover:

- The bee's lifecycle and the beekeepers year

- Beekeeping tips and tricks

- Swarm management techniques

- Set ups for honey production

- Ways to raise your own queens

- Ideas on how to improve your beekeeping

- The how and why of Bailey comb change and shook swarms

If you're new to beekeeping, you'll also learn how to:

- Handle bees 

- Light and use a beekeeper's smoker

- Use a hive tool

Beekeeping Mentor - Harry holding a frame from a nuc of bees - Harry's Honey - Cheltenham
"What a fabulous day!! Harry has a wealth of knowledge and experience which he willingly shared with us. I feel ready to start my own hive know. Thank you so much for a brilliant day"
Beekeeping mentor - Harry with a smoker and lots of smoke - Harry's Honey - Cheltenham

What to expect:

- A full day from 9 to 4pm

- One to one or come as a couple

- See inside lots of hives - so you know what healthy looks like 

- See different hive types and set-ups

- Bee suit and gloves provided 

- Pub lunch 

Once you've spent a day with Harry you can contact him anytime with questions.

Beekeeping Mentor - Gallery

Beekeeping mentor - smiling beekeepers holding a frame of bees - Harrys Honey Cheltenham
Harry and a student examing a frame - Beekeeping mentor - Harrys Honey Cheltenham
Beekeeping mentor - students examining a frame of bees - Harrys Honey Cheltenham
Beekeeping mentor - a frame with a queen cup - Harrys Honey Cheltenham Gloucestershire
Beekeeping Mentor Harry examing a frame of bees - Harry's Honey Cheltenham
A beekeper standing by two national hives - Beekeeping mentor - Harrys Honey Cheltenham
Beekeeping mentor - two students in bee suits - Harrys Honey Cheltenham

I'm Harry - a full time beekeeper

I have 80 hives around the Cotswolds. That’s not quite enough to get my honeybee fix so I’m also the training apiary manager for Cheltenham and Gloucester Beekeepers Association. Frankly, I love beekeeping. I find bees and practical beekeeping absolutely fascinating. I enjoy talking with other beekeepers about this amazing world. If I can help solve a problem or learn something new, even better. 

If you would like to discuss ongoing private tuition and support, please get in touch.

Beekeeping Mentor - Harry Cold weather portrait - Harry's Honey - Cheltenham, Gloucestersh
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