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You'll get an unrivalled view of a beekeeper's day as you shadow me at one of my apiaries. You'll see nucs, full sized hives and a long hive in action. This 1:1 beekeeping day is friendly and informal. You'll cover lots of topics - depending on the weather and what's happening in each hive.


This is a full day's beekeeping that will:

Get you hands on with bees 

Answer lots of questions!

Show you the inner workings of a beehive and how to look after them

Give you pointers on the kit you need (and don't)


A Day with Harry runs during the active beekeeping season - April to end August. You'll see inside several hives, from the smallest to the largest. This day can be part of preparing to keep bees. It is also just the thing if you already have bees and have questions - let us know and Harry can tailor the day to your needs. 


Please note: This day involves working with live bees. I do my best to ensure that you don't get stung but this day is not suitable for you if you know that you have a severe allergic reaction to bee stings.


A Day with Harry - One to One Beekeeping

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  • This day is for anyone that wants to experience a day of hands-on beekeeping with a full time beekeeper: 

    - You plan to keep bees and you want to know more about them

    - You already keep bees and you have questions  

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