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These mini jars of Harry's Clear Cotswold honey are great as a gift or as a treat for the honey lover in your house. Light and delicate with the taste of summer flowers - heavenly on all kinds of fruit and with anything creamy - yoghurt (especially if it's super-thick) or vanilla ice cream. A lovely idea for wedding favours too.


And don't forget cooking! Our truly local honey is great for making sauces and marinades or used as a glaze on meat or vegetables. This runny honey is great too, of course, on toast.

Mini Harry's Clear Cotswold Honey - 4 x 50g

SKU: 008
  • Our honey is lightly strained and unpasturised. It tastes great!

    It may crystallise after a while.  This is completely natural - some people prefer it. It won't affect the taste of the honey although it may make it a bit difficult to spread!  To make it runny again, just place the jar in a bowl of warm water and the process will reverse itself.


    Like all honey, it's not suitable for children under 12 months of age. 


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