A honeybee gathering nectar from a white allium flower


Local Cotswold Honey

Amazing to taste, using nectar from the Cotswolds' flowers and trees. Across fields, wild meadows and cultivated gardens it takes Harry's honeybees about 2 million trips to make each jar of honey.

Our Cotswold honey is truly seasonal - its taste and texture reflect the flowers the bees forage on each spring and summer. Just lightly strained and bottled - that's it. Whether you call it raw honey, artisan honey or just lovely local honey from a lovely local beekeeper, you'll never go back to the supermarket stuff. 

A bumblebee on a pink chive flower.jpeg

"I bought a jar of your honey yesterday for the first time and have just had two spoonfuls. It is the most lovely honey I have tasted in years. Your bees must be the happiest bees!

JB August 2020