The Bee Manual

Why buy this book?

The first few years of beekeeping throw up a lot of questions. Not all beekeepers choose to join a BBKA branch and even then, opening a hive can (will!) be surprising. A few good books can really help. This book has:


  • Really excellent colour pictures and diagrams throughout - they really help illustrate key facts and ideas

  • A straightforward step-by-step explanation of the main elements of beekeeping - the section on colony management is comprehensive and that on the beekeeping year is also very good

  • The section on bee disease is excellent - there are lots of pictures here and it is very useful to have such clear images of what can seem like very similar symptoms

  • The list of further reading is detailed and wide ranging - it seems odd to recommend this part of a book but the information available to beekeepers can seem overwhelming and so its good to have pointers to genuinely useful stuff

Although I am a fan of YouTube videos about beekeeping, it sometimes really helps to have a reference book to turn to. The Bee Manual is definitely one to have.  It's aimed at the newbie but more experienced beekeepers will also find some useful information. 

The authors are both experienced beekeepers. As well as no-nonsense advice, they add in their own experience. It's a nice mix of facts and personal observation.

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