Gardening for Bumblebees

Why buy this book?

Bumblebees are an important group of pollinators and Dave Goulson loves them. This book provides an overview of bumblebees and the other pollinators that can be helped by gardening with them in mind. There are lost of useful ideas and informative pictures. Lots of lists too.It combines a love of insects and gardening in an informative and fun way.


  • Chapters on common garden pollinators and the best plants for them.

  • A useful chapter on trees and shrubs for bees - an often overlooked source of nectar and pollen

  • Really excellent sections on providing nest sites for bees and breeding sites for other pollinators

  • A good list of resources for plants and seeds that benefit pollinators.

This is not an academic/formal book but the author has a solid academic background and an extensive understanding of bee biology.

The book is packed full of information and yet still gives good overview of some often overlooked pollinators. It's a good a start point for insect friendly gardening but because it is so different in style, it works well alongside Plants for Bees by Kirk and Howes. The two books together are a great combo. Gardeners probably never have enough information about plants but you'll be using these two books for a while before you feel the need to look elsewhere.

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A book - Gardening for Bumblebees
A book - Gardening for Bumblebees