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Bees and Bee Keeping - Training + Courses

Our Cheltenham based training days are a great way to kickstart your knowledge of bees and beekeeping. Whether you want to learn how to keep bees or how to help the important pollinators in your garden, we have something for you.

Our bee keeping training will get you up close

Our introduction course is bee keeping training with a small group of like-minded people. You can ask questions and learn from the questions others ask. You’ll see and handle honeybees. With the help of experienced beekeeper Harry, you’ll learn how to care for these amazing creatures and the skills to keep your own hive. 

If one to one bee keeping training is more your style, then consider a beekeeping mentor. A Day with Harry will get you alongside Harry at one of his working apiaries in the Cotswolds. You’ll see a range of beekeeping activities which he'll explain as he goes along.

This training suits beekeepers who have had bees for a while and who have particular things they’d like to see or do. If you’re a beginner who likes to learn at their own pace and who would like to put their Youtube theory into practice, it might be the day for you too. 

We also offer longer term mentoring. You might want to start beekeeping with an experienced beekeeper by your side. Or, you might want some pointers about looking after the bees you already have. Harry can come to you and help you with your hive. 


If you think this kind of private bee keeping training is for you, contact us and put a plan together with Harry.

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